Re: Video codecs for WIN95 & Cu-SEEME 1.0

Rolf Hemmerling (
Fri, 29 May 1998 10:58:06 +0200

Fabio Augusto schrieb:
> I know places for 2 other not-so-popular color codecs than MJPEG:
> - Intel Indeo 5.0 codec can be found in
> It comes as a
> self-installer program (just had to run it), and installs few versions
> of Indeo codec (from 3 to 4) as well as the Indeo video plug-in for
> Netscape. I had test Indeo 5 and 4 codecs with Cornell v1, and works
> fine: video speed and quality seemed to me better than the conventional
> MJPEG video. Even you're not considering using Indeo to send your own
> video, you'll be able to get video from ppl using it (I've seen some).
> In addition, it also solved a small problem I had... Since I installed
> Cornell v1, I lost the capability to send BW video - and didn't found
> any installable greyscale codec. After I installed Indeo, I found black
> and white video selection enabled (and functioning) in the correspondent
> selection box in v1. I'm not sure if a BW codec is embodied in the Indeo
> installer pack, or if the installation of an additional codec just made
> a pre-existing codec visible to my copy of cu.
> - H363 codec can be downloaded from
>; I installed it but doesn't
> work with my copy of v1 (and have no idea why). Anyway, the URL is here
> for anyone wanting to try...
Great ! I got Indeo 3.2,4.0 and 5.0 installed, already. And it appears
in the codec selection of Cu-SEEME 1.0, so great to learn that it really

What about Quicktime codecs (and especially the forthcoming slim
"streaming" Quicktime format) for use with WIN95 & WIN-NT ? I got
Quicktime installed, but this does not cause this codec to appear in the
video driver menu of Cu-SEEME !

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