Re: is BIG BROTHER watching U??

Andrew Clarke (
Sat, 30 May 1998 09:57:18 BST

Addressed to:
Nico Nindler <>

** Reply to note from Fri, 29 May 1998 05:06:42 EDT

> something very strange happened to me. today i talked about
> marihuana on a ref which i find is not very much criminal any more
> these days. this ref wont let me in anymore. always says
> "no dope-heads on this ref!". i really wonder how the reflector-
> software recgognizes me. i dont have a static ip-address. i
> already tried to reconnect and to change nickname. also tried to
> move the program into another folder. nothing helps!
> i use cornell freeware (b/w-version AND color-version) on win95.
> any hints? i will never talk about m..... again, PROMISED, but
> please HELP!! need to see my friends again!

Ok, this is what happened:

A ref-op saw what you said, and banned you using your entire class-C netblock.

And now in English.

The ref-operator took offense at what you said, and has denied your entire
range of dynamic ip's from joining the reflector. For example, if your ip at
the time was, everything from to
has been banned.

Moving your CU won't help, changing nick name won't help, there are basically
three things you can do:

1) Wait until the reflector restarts and hope the ban wasn't placed in the
config file making it permanent.

2) Change to another ISP so your dynamic ip range chages.

3) Talk to the ref-owner (if you know his email address) and beg forgiveness.

It's up to you to make the choice (but number 3 is the best).

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