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Bill Ryan (
Sat, 30 May 1998 08:26:16 -0400


>i have a copy of 3 extensions called scrap vdig, desktop vdig and filter
>vdig written by some1 at smile software. all are at version 1. are you the
>author of the extensions.

Yes...that would be me :)

>i have placed a copy of the extensions on the
>web. if you are the author: do you have any objections to me doing so, and
>i have some comments re the vdig extensions.

They are free to distribute, but NOT free to distribute as part of a
product which charges customers $$$.

>(1) the scrap vdig seems to b similar to your clipboard vdig. some1 emailed
>me a copy of the vdigs.

clipboardVdig is an updated version of scrapVdig (bug fixes, etc.....).
They should NOT both be installed at the same time (they'll conflict).
One should replace scrapVdig with clipboardVdig.....
Don't recall if I remembered to bump version number.

>(2) the desktop vdig seems to have the effect of making my mouse cursor
>less unresponsive than i would have hoped. it seems to just from point to
>point instead of gliding. there are also some problems when changing the
>size of the local video window if the codec selected is the desktop vdig
>(if you are interested in this issue i can supply you with the details on
>how to reproduce the problem).
Yep..I'm aware of this.
Reason this is the case is that the copying of the large desktop area to a
small 160x120 window is slowww.
So, the operation is done less frequently and thus the "jerky" mouse movement.
It's a trade off: mouse lag with smooth movement vs. mouse keeping up but jumpy.
Now if everyone had G3s this may not be as big a problem..... (the copy
could be done more often)
AND if CU-SeeMe ever supports LARGE video, then this wouldn't be so much of
a problem, but the bandwidth used would increase greatly (but the desktop
would be more viewable at a large size video frame).

>as a suggestion for this codec it would be
>great if instead of being able to transmit only the desktop of the main
>monitor you could select which monitors desktop you would like to transmit.

Good idea.
People have suggested taking this one step farther and displaying only a
user specified sectio of the desktop (I believe the Win based Snappy does

>(3) the moviestreamer is a good idea. probably come in useful for ref
>monitors. for me i have some quicktime movies that came with the audio cds
>i purchased. it would be great to be able to use it with those movies.

I can think of all sorts of neat ideas for QT movie streaming (educational
streaming, PR/Marketing/Product info streaming, etc...).
If more content sites would use the reflector (aka MPCS) as a draw (i.e.
brings people to their site), they could then have one or more continual
videos being displayed. So if Apple had their own reflector, they could
stream their recent Think Different ads or their slam Intel ads.
This is video only for now. Audio plays out the speaker, not out the wire.
One could hold mic up to speak or use a patch cable, but I'm working on a
software solution.

>(4) this is the most intersting of all the vdis to me. is this vdig
>available to the public.

I'll send them all under separate cover...


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