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Jeeves (
Sat, 30 May 1998 08:26:08 -0600 (Kevin McCormick) wrote:

> Actualy no we didn't lose it. We did a study of users with interfaces and
> worked with them researching the interface then designed this one which the
> Kevin


Who at White Pine did the study? Did programmers or engineers do it, or
does White Pine actually have a qualified department for user
interface/human factors testing? On the refs I manage, I get about 10
NEGATIVE comments for each 1 POSITIVE comment about 3.1. Most of these are
about the user interface.

After 3.x was released, I thought the user interface was changed because of
the way Windows DOES/DOES not handle the applications associated windows.
On the Mac, each window is associated with the application - when you HIDE
the application, ALL windows are hidden/removed from the desktop. When
SWITCH to another application, all the CUSM associated windows are pushed
to the background. The only way you could do this on the PC was to put all
your floating/associates windows in one huge bloated window!!! This window
can't be modified to most users specifications.... I want the Vids all
stacked vertically next to my camera (which is to the left of my monitor),
the audio icons removed, the PL to ONLY show sending users, my chat input
in the upper right, etc etc etc. Maybe you can sell an extra monitor and
monitor card with the application? will need to bundle Windows
98 or NT with that....

aka Jeeves