err = -220
Sat, 30 May 1998 13:42:26 EDT


I have down loaded and installed CU-SeeMe a couple of times with the same

My system is:

Mac Quadra 650 w/ 16 Meg RAM, MacOS 7.5.5, AOL v3.0.1, Connectix Color
QuickCam v2.0.2, CU-SeeMe 0.87b3

First I launch QuickMovie, then go on-line through AOL, then launch CU-SeeMe.
The 1st time I launch a newly installed CU, what appears to be a complete set
of windows opens, including a viewer entitled "Your Name" (in which I see
myself), an audio control window, chat, "lurkers", perhaps a couple more.
Anyway, I click around a bit trying to figure out the controls, and after a
bit CU crashes. When I relaunch it, only the viewer window opens followed
momentarily by a dialogue box with the following error message:

SPB Record Failed. err = -220

and a "QUIT NOW" button. When I click on the button, both CU-SeeMe and AOL

What's the problem. Better, what's the solution?