[FYI]: T.120 compatible application sharing.

Mark Andrew Nassy (nassy@flash.net)
Sat, 30 May 1998 18:21:28 -0400

i just came across the following info on farallons web site. the following
is an excerpt from the document on their web site.

< http://www.netopia.com/software/tb2/mac/45_version.html >

The new Timbuktu Pro Conference Service is compatible with computers
running T.120 application sharing software, including Microsoft NetMeeting.
It's a great tool for collaborating on a specific application across
multiple platforms to multiple participants. For example, a Macintosh with
Timbuktu Pro can share an application such as Adobe PageMaker with a group
of Windows machines running NetMeeting. This allows you to leverage your
Macintosh applications to all the participants in a conference, enabling
them to view and even control your application.

while this information may not entirely relate specifically to cu it may be
of interest to some members on the list. for me this may come in useful (i
have tb2) if i am travelling and need to access a specific application that
is always running on my computer from a ms windows 95/nt computer.

any1 know if the enhanced version of cu supports plug ins like this. is
there any interest in 3rd party developers developing plug ins for cu (kind
of like photoshop plug ins) or now like this look@me kind of application
plug in. [ look@me is the freeware version of timbuktu ]. is white pine
interested in this should there be a demand for it. [ probably easier said
than done and a tech support nightmare but in my opinion 3rd party plug in
support is something worth considering. ]

i had a difficult time finding specific information re: the features
supported by the current release of wp mac cu on wp's web site. should any1
know of a specific url with the information please email it to me. their
web site appears to be undergoing some changes so some items may b in new
locations i am not familar with.

Mark Andrew Nassy,