CUSeeMe (I'm stuck)

David Winet (
Tue, 1 Nov 1994 15:33:11 -0500


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I'm at an impasse. Can anyone help?

Hi Kind People,
Trying to run CUSeeMe. Question: is winsock.dll the same as WinSock
? The documentation says I need a Windows Sockets Stack of which Win Sock is apparently one.
I edited the 'hosts' file in lwp/samples to include a madeup hostname (davidwinet) and my IP address (not that of the annex, incidentally).
Then I moved the file to be in the same directory as winsock.dll (network/lwp/bin/)
Finally I copied msvideo.dll to /windows/system/ without erasing it from

When I ran CUSeeMe.exe I got a 'problems on startup' message.

Any ideas?