Re: Video Capture

jacob reichbart (
Wed, 2 Nov 1994 20:03:47 -0500

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Tim Slattery writes:

>Does anyone know of a high quality, low cost single frame 24 bit video
>capture board? I only need to capture frames one at a time from a VCR,
>and don't need the movie capability.

There are lots of good boards out there. What platform do you want to do the
frame dumps on? Are you talking about capturing RGB composite, component?
What is the intended use for these frames?
IRI Video Explorer, video spigot from supermac, Radius videovision,
Rasterops Moviepak2, and Truevision nuvista+ come to mind for the mac.
Truevision's targa for intel machines is quite stable and there's a video
spigot for intel machines as well. There are 1/2 a dozen or so broadcast
wonders shipping for SGI boxes too.
The trade off, given a target platform, is source quality and what artifacts
you're willing to put up with in the grabbed frame.