Updated Info for: Global Schoolhouse Kids Talk to Prince Charles Via Internet

Yvonne Marie Andres (andresyv@CERF.NET)
Wed, 2 Nov 1994 21:40:42 -0500

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Global Schoolhouse Kids Talk to Prince Charles Via the Internet

Prince Charles of Wales is visiting California for the first time in 17
years, focusing his visit on programs for disadvantaged youth, education,
technology, and the arts. The prince, who will be in the Los Angeles area
until Friday November 4th, will view youth programs in inner-city areas
and attend events connected to "UK-LA 1994", a 67-day celebration of
British arts, business, education and technology . Uses of Internet
technology will be highlighted during this event.

An historic, live demonstration of how the Internet is revolutionizing
education, will be given to Prince Charles on Thursday November 3rd, at
11:30 AM, at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Global SchoolNet President,
Yvonne Marie Andres and student ambassadors from Global Schoolhouse
Project classrooms in California, Washington DC, England, and Australia
will participate in a live interactive video-conference over the Internet
with the Prince of Wales.

Students will speak directly with the prince, explaining in their own
words how being connected with classrooms around the world can help make
schools more effective and produce better global citizens .

To emphasize the importance of education-business partnerships,
organizations including, Cornell University, Cisco Systems, MCI, Pacific
Bell and Sprint will be providing equipment and connectivity services for
the special event.

In the words of John Morgridge, President of Cisco Systems,
"The information highway eliminates the boundaries of time and
place when it comes to access to information and education. In
the networked world, the only barrier to entry is the capacity
of one's own mind. "

Telephone audio (listen-only dial-in) service for the conference is
available as follows:

400 lines are available for preregistration. To pre-register for the
Global School House conference call 1-800-728-1500 if calling from the USA
or Canada. If calling from outside the USA or Canada call 319-326-5200.
Callers should ask to register for the Global School House event on
November 3rd. The operator will then provide the correct phone number and
password to participate in this event and will ask the pre-registrants for
their name and phone numbers. (This is so operators can call international
participants the day of the event and connect them to the conference.)

For pregistered participants, the conference line will be available from
11:15 AM PST

Additional lines for the conference will be available on a
first-come-first-served basis without preregistration beginning 11:00 AM
PACIFIC TIME at 1-800-326-6621.

* These are the reflector addresses that you may use to view the
event. The list will be updated tomorrow if more volunteers show up.
In any case, if you do a bit of reflector "surfing" you should be able
to locate one broadcasting this event. University of Texas Network Solutions Herndon, VA Indiana State University nysernet

In addition to the Beverly Hill Hilton, viewing sites have been set up
at the following locations:

* Sprint's Applied Technology Center at the International Square
Office Building, 1850 K Street, 12th floor, Washington DC. (Call for
information, directions: Lynn Elmers (703) 904-2221.

* CISCO Systems, 170 W. Tasman Dr. San Jose (Contact: Lorene Arey,
(408) 526-5486.

* CERFnet, contact Paul Wilson, (619) 455-3941, pwilson@cerf.net

* Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills (Contact: Justine Seavey or
Anne DeWolfe (213) 857-9100)

The Global Schoolhouse Project is currently sponsored by the National
Science Foundation (NSF) an independent agency of the United States
Government with generous additional support from U.S. Sprint, Cisco,
SuperMac, Zenith Electronics, Cornell University, the University of
Illinois and numerous other organizations. Curriculum coordination is
provided by Global SchoolNet Foundation (GSN) in Oceanside, California,
with project administration, technical support and training being provided
by the Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
(CNIDR) at MCNC, in North Carolina.

This event was made possible through the support and collaboration of
Pacific Bell, CISCO, CERFNet, Sprint and MCI Communications Corp.

For more information about Global Schoolhouse or this event, contact:
*Don Mitchell, NSF (703) 306-1949; dmitchel@nsf.gov
*Yvonne Marie Andres, GSN (619) 433-3413; andresyv@cerf.net
*Jane Smith, CNIDR (919) 248-1405; jds@kudzu.cnidr.org
*Paul Wilson, CERFNET (619) 455-3941
*Lorene Arey, CISCO (408) 526-5486
*Pam Small, MCI (202) 887-7427
*Janice Langley, SPRINT (202) 828-7427