RE: Re: Pitcure capture on Mac

EditMeister Jay (
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 08:30:53 -0500

>Could anybody show me how to capture a picture on Macs? Actually I asked
>this question before. But after long time, I forgot the key.
>Unfortunately, I didn't save the file some gentleman showed me. I
>apologize for that. Looking forward to advising. Thanks a lot.

If you're asking how to capture an image of your desktop, perhaps with a
CU-SeeMe window open, try SHIFT-OPTION-3. That'll leave a file named
"Picture #" at the top level of your hard disk.

If you're asking how to use a video camera you have attached to your Mac to
take a snapshot you'll have to ask someone who has the same kind of camera
and software.

Isn't that command-shift-3? That's what it is in System 7.1, anyway. (I don't
know about anything else, I'm just a post-93 series Mac user.

Jason Whong

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