Video boards ??

Patrick DQ Hargitt (
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 16:14:24 -0500

I am currently in a loop hole : I hope you can help me. An order for two
QuickCams from Connectix went out today. That will do for the basic
conferencing once the new version of CU-SeeMe comes out : hopefully in a
couple weeks since I need to have everything set up by Dec 2. Trustees are
coming to check out the center where I'm setting this stuff at and we (the
center staff) need to impress them.

We have three PPC 7100 that are not AV models. It would be nice if we could
connect higher quality video cameras via S-Video or NTSC, for larger
conferences that would take place in the future. ie. projecting the
CU-SeeMe screen using a overhead projector; camara focused on an audiance.

I have been unable to find any hardware that would let me do this or the
hardware that I have found would only work for CU-SeeMe but that is by
luck; they were not meant for the 7100 (ie. Video Spigot NuBus). The only
option that I have now would be ComputerEyes/RT by Digital Vision, but I
have been unable to find much information about this Product: will it
support future upgrades or how does it work with other programs.
I would very much appretiate if you could send me any information or advice
that you might have.

Patrick Hargitt