Connectix Quickcam &CUSM

eric w. hunter 644-6061 (
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 19:31:22 -0500


I'm new to the list, and I haven't been lurking for very long, so I hope
this isn't an old question... if it's covered in the FAQ, I would welcome a
copy or directions on where to find an FAQ...

Anyway, I would like to know if anyone has used or is working on a way to
use the Connectix Quickcam with CUSeeMe. I just ordered one and am anxious
to try it out. Is there a driver out on the net somewhere? Does one need
to be written? I am assuming it won't work with the present configuration
of CU-SeeMe because it dowsn't use any capture boards (it plugs directly
into the serial port)

Has anybody tried one?