CU-SeeMe variable ports needed now!

Lucky Green (
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 19:35:15 -0500

The developer of The Internet Adaptor (TIA) will relase a new version that
supports UDP redirects within a matter of days. This will enable tens of
thousands of standard UNIX shell account users to use CU-SeeMe from their
home machines. Many of these users will be on the same UNIX box and
therefore on the same IP address. Each machine will have only ONE port 7648
UDP to redirect for potentially dozens of users. This will lead to a mad
scramble on who can be the first to seize the port.

CU-SeeMe needs to start supporting variable ports. I understand that it is
quite a challenge to make this work with reflectors, after all they would
have to be able to serve several ports on the same IP at once, but at the
very least there should be variable ports for one-to-one connections. The
flood is about to hit the shore.

-- Lucky Green <>
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