Re: Connectix Quickcam and CU-SeeMe/Macintosh

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Fri, 4 Nov 1994 02:36:44 -0500

At 16:31 11/3/94, eric w. hunter 644-6061 wrote:
>I'm new to the list, and I haven't been lurking for very long, so I hope
>this isn't an old question... if it's covered in the FAQ, I would welcome a
>copy or directions on where to find an FAQ...

Oh my god! Eric! Asking for the FAQ is in the FAQ! Actually, we don't
really have a FAQ, which is okay because we have an incredibly short
attention span. We also love Trivial Pursuit.

>Anyway, I would like to know if anyone has used or is working on a way to
>use the Connectix Quickcam with CUSeeMe. I just ordered one and am anxious
>to try it out. Is there a driver out on the net somewhere? Does one need
>to be written? I am assuming it won't work with the present configuration
>of CU-SeeMe because it dowsn't use any capture boards (it plugs directly
>into the serial port)

Yes, I am working with *two* Connectix QuickCams, one pre-production, one
of the kind you'll get in the mail real soon now. You get the video
digitizer driver, the 'vdig', with the software. You are incorrect in
assuming it won't work because of the capture boards; the boards simply
aren't needed but exist as a converter from the NTSC output of expensive
video cameras into the digital signal stream that's needed. The
inexpensive (not cheap) Connectix QuickCam cuts out this unnecessary step
and feeds pure, cool, clean digital goodness right into your CPU. (All
right, so I'm not being too accurate. :-)

CU-SeeMe only sort-of supports the vdig supplied with the QuickCam; that's
why it won't nicely work with the present release of CU-SeeMe. Word is
that someone is feverishly working on this issue now that HRH the bonny
Prince Charles did his desktop videoconferencing thing. I'm sure Dick will
tell us when they're happy with a QuickCam-ready version.

Until then, look in the mail for the triangular box!

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