RE: PC Video Boards for NT

Oosterbaan, Eric (
Fri, 4 Nov 1994 03:27:39 -0500

Dear Sean,

If it is possible, can you keep contact with us. On this moment we are doing
the same for an electrical compagny, but than working on Tokenring. At this
moemnt we are testing the video boards from Creative Labs.
For your reply you can fax me: (+31)-55-427041

Till the next contact.

Eric Oosterbaan

From: cu-seeme-l
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: PC Video Boards for NT
Date: Thursday, November 03, 1994 1:21PM

Does anyone know of a good video board to use with CU-SeeMe that has
NT drivers as well as windows 3.1 drivers? I work at the US Postal Service
headquarters in D.C. and we are thinking about using CU-SeeMe over our
ethernet network here, if we can get a good demo running and convince the
upper echilon that it is a good idea, and inexpensive.

Also, I have to use this mailing account because when I send mail from work
through our firewall, cornell's SMTP server refuses my mail saying that it
from an invalid address. Any ideas ? or a phone number or email address of
someone at cornekll who I could ask about this. Thanks