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Geoff Rehn (
Fri, 4 Nov 1994 03:46:52 -0500

At 4:00 PM 4/11/94, Lucky Green wrote:
>David wrote, quoting Steve:
>> Hi. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.
>> UDP is not the issue - but none the less TIA does not currently
>>support CUSeeMe. We are seriously considering the feature for a future
>>version (I, myself, am pushing for it strongly). To get your "vote" in you
>>might send a request to "" asking for CU-SeeMe.
>>Thanks for using TIA!
>Sorry, UDP *is* the issue. The reason why CU-SeeMe and Maven don't work
>under tia is because the tia -r switch redirects TCP ports only. Now the
>good news:
>Today I talked with Bryan, the tia author. He is about to add UDP to tia. I
>expect to alpha test the software within a matter of days. The one problem
>remaining is the lack of variable ports in CU-SeeMe. So please do not flood
>the tia support address with mail. The matter is being worked on.
>-- Lucky Green <>
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Hi all.
The following is a brief message that I posted to tiafeedback earlier
today, following the initial posting. I didn't post to the cuseeme list but
in the context of the above, I will now, but we'rre moving away from the
cuseeme context.

>I'd very much like TIA to support CU-SeeMe.
>It possibly was me in a _much earlier_ posting (when TIA was first
>released) saying that TIA does not support UDP. That, as you of course
>know, is incorrect. TIA does not support ICMP.
>However, why is it that some UDP applications such as WS-ARCHIE and other
>archie clients that use UDP do NOT run under TIA, or at least very
>intermittently (eg. one hit out of say ten, if lucky?)
>Best wishes
>Geoff R.

The above news is most interesting.

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