Help on Cu-See-Me audio, Spigot on LCIII
Fri, 4 Nov 1994 05:27:03 -0500

We have been exploring the use of CU-SeeMe.68k0.70b12 for video connections
between a a large fusion experiment (Tore Supra) in the south of France and
Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) in Tennessee. We can get video to work from a
Mac IIfx with a VideoSpigot to Mac II 's at ORNL; audio does not seem to
work, so we are planning to try Maven in parallel.

We also set up an LCIII with a PDS VideoSpigot here in France. The
Spigot does indeed digitize, but CU-See-Me crashes when we try it. The
LCIII has 12 MB, Sys 7.1 (French), and a variety of inits. I noted that the
Spigto VDIG init comes up with an "X" at startup; turning off the other
inits, etc. does not seem to help.

Any comments or suggestions on our audio or LCIII problems would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Jeffrey H. Harris <>
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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