Re: Pitcure capture on Mac

Gary Vankirk (
Fri, 4 Nov 1994 11:03:23 -0500

>This keeps getting asked:
>>Could anybody show me how to capture a picture on Macs?

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>Sean Carney

I'm getting pretty nerve-y, actually writing to list-servers, but I've
gotten some very kind responses to my compiler problems and thought I'd
contribute an answer to this question:

A Mac shareware DA that works well is called Screensnap. A commercial Mac
CDev that allows you to select different portions of your screen (windows,
dialog boxes, menus, the whole screen or a user defined area) and save to
the clipboard, scrapbook or to disk as a paint file, pict file or startup
screen, or send to the printer, is called Screenshot: even more options too
numerous to mention (I think it's from the same company that distributes
Talking Moose).