Hostname Requirement for Windows CU-SeeMe

Joanne Callahan (
Fri, 4 Nov 1994 16:15:13 -0500

Dennis O. Gehris <> writes:

>I am getting the following error message when I try to run Cu-Seeme
>for the PC:
> GetHostName () Failed
>I read the documentation and the instructions indicate the the HOSTS
>file should have the IP address of the machine and user name in it.
>I checked this and find that the HOSTS file is in the Winsocket
>What else could be the problem?

Rich Kennerly, CU-SeeMe developer, writes:
Hostname Requirement for Windows CU-SeeMe

Your Windows machine will need a hostname. CU-SeeMe for Windows
will not work without it (this requirement may disappear soon).
The way to provide a hostname is to make an entry into the hosts file.
The format for the hosts file is:

<your IP address> <name for your PC>

For example, you might decide to use the hostname WillieBob. If
your IP address was, the entry in your hosts file would
look like: WillieBob

Your HOSTS file should be in your Windows Sockets directory (the
same directory that contains your 'winsock.dll'). This directory must
be in the PATH before windows is started.

If you don't already have a hostname for your PC, you may want to
contact your network administrator about getting one assigned. If your
host name is defined in a Domain Name Server (DNS) accessible to your
PC, you won't need to have a HOSTS file. Keep in mind, in this case,
that if you can't reach your DNS, you'll get the "GetHostByName() Error"

While this issue has been a problem for many it has worked on all
stacks after some work (The FTP software hitch mentioned below took
many phone calls to a very patient user at NSF before solving).

Things to verify:

*) Verify that you've only got one HOSTS file (there might be a bad one
earlier in your path). Use FILE MANAGER, File Menu, Search - Search
for hosts, start from c:\, check the 'Search All Subdirectories box.
If you find entries other than the one you expect to find in your
Winsock directory, consider removing or updating them.

Possible stumbling blocks:

*) You're using FTP PCTCP and you've something set in the "Domain
Completion" box. This can cause your software to not find its real
hostname in the hosts file.

*) When Defining your hostname with your Winsock Customization software,
do not include the domain name in the hostname specification. For
example, if WillieBob is in the domain, do NOT specify as the hostname. Just enter WillieBob and
enter the domain in its place.

Rich Kennerly