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Michael Sattler, San Francisco (msattler@jungle.com)
Sat, 5 Nov 1994 14:23:28 -0500

At 09:43 11/5/94, Bjorn.T.Mykland@samson.tmlh.no (Bjorn Tore Mykland Bjorn
Tore M wrote:

>subscribe cu-seeme-l

That's not the correct address to subscribe to, but the list manager (not
me) will take care of you when she reads this.

By the way, convention holds that a signature should be four or five lines,
beginning with a -- to tell mailers where the signature starts. I'd
suggest something like

Bjorn Tore Mykland <Mykland@lur.tdh.no> Hogskolen i Telemark
Laererskoleveien 10 3670 Notodden, Norway Engineer
tel: +47 35 02 62 21, fax: +47 35 02 62 01

This is just one of many possibilites ;-) Also, I've noticed that people
are dropping phone numbers, preferring people to reply via email. All my

Michael Sattler <msattler@jungle.com> San Francisco, California
LOOKING FOR WORK: technical manager, software engineer, trouble-shooter
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