Re: Hacking CU-SeeMe to work with the Connectix QuickCam

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Sun, 6 Nov 1994 05:30:22 -0500

At 22:59 11/5/94, Alex Lewin wrote:
>If indeed CU-SeeMe looks for vdigs by name, how difficult would it be
>to hack it so that it looks for the QuickCam vdig?
>I think answers to either of the below would give me all the info I'd
>1) What are the names of the various vdigs?
>2) If I want to watch CU-SeeMe poll for vdigs, what trap do I need to
>break on in MacsBug?
>Thanks--if I have luck I'll describe it to the list--

There's more to getting CU-SeeMe working with the Connectix QuickCam than
just pointing at the vdig. How do I know this? Because I have a CUSM/Mac
that uses any vdig it finds. I can transmit a moving image of me, but the
image is only about one-quarter of the intended image size. So you'll have
to be patching in code that takes the image and scales it, and you'll have
to do it without adversely touching any of the other code. If you want to
see this then get the version named "x...b1" in the b1 folder.

Given that the people with the source code are currently working on making
CU-SeeMe and the QuickCam play nicely together, patching seems to be a very
long way to go. Maybe you should just sit back and play some Marathon :-)

[Humor note for those who don't read Marathon is a
DOOM-like game that's been delayed half a year while Bungie, the author,
makes it into a "kick-ass game". A beta was unlawfully uploaded to the net
and has spread like wildfire, a demo is reported out any millisecond now,
and the story goes on and on...]

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