Important Demo - 6pm, 7th Nov (San Franciso time),

Martin Hill (
Mon, 7 Nov 1994 06:32:17 -0500

We will be demonstrating CU-SeeMe to the executive management committee
(the Vice-Chancellor and many of the deputy VC's) here at Curtin University
(Western Australia) sometime around 10am Tuesday 8th of November (Perth
time) which makes it around:

2am G.M.T. Tuesday 8th (UK etc)
9pm E.S.T. Monday 7th (New York etc)
6pm W.S.T. Monday 7th (San Francisco etc)

(please correct me if I'm wrong - daylight saving and all that!)

We'd be very keen to connect to individuals or an appropriate reflector
site to demo the possibilities of internet video conferencing. I've ftp'd
the latest list of nicknames off gated.cornell - I trust this it is pretty

please email me if you're available:

NB: I have only just recently re-subscribed to this list, so I trust these
requests for participation are still appropriate!

Thanks very much!


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