Re: NV

Richard Cogger (
Tue, 8 Nov 1994 10:48:31 -0500

At 12:58 AM 11/8/94, Raymond Crane wrote:
> I would like an explanation of how to view CU-SeeMe from a reflector using
>NV. Please don't refer me to a WWW document or anything else. I've read
>several of these and tried several things, but no luck. I want to know what
>to do in *YOUR* own words. (If you even know what to do.. No need to
>respond if you don't)
>// Ray Crane <>

For now, in general, you don't; you can't.

A reflector operator whose reflector is on the mbone can configure to relay
CU-SeeMe streams to the mbone. Presumably, this relay would also be
advertised in sd and by a message to rem-conf, as was done last Thursday
for the UKLA event, which the Prince of Wales failed to attend. In such a
case, you tune in with nv in the usual way, and nv will know to use its
CU-SeeMe decoder to show you the pictures.

In the *future* there will be a release of the reflector which will allow
nv (and vat) to connect by unicast, if the reflector operator so allows.

I'm certain the above information has appeared in a number of places, such
as this very list just last week. Ray, can you point me to the source of
the idea that you should be able to generally use nv to connect to a
CU-SeeMe conference on a reflector? I'd like to adjust that source so
others don't have to waste time trying several things with no luck. Also,
if the above is not clear enough let me know.