QuickCam status?

Richard Cogger (R.Cogger@cornell.edu)
Tue, 8 Nov 1994 16:42:56 -0500

Below is a request for info on status of work at Cornell to get the
QuickCam supported by CU-SeeMe. I plan not to answer any further such
requests, but here's the status now:

Connectix has promised but not delivered a sample to us for testing. We're
not going to release a version supporting the QuickCam till we get one from
them. I havn't seen the manual, but I'm told it *says* that it works with
CU-SeeMe (which they misspell).

(A local computer-store loaned us one, and our collaborators at CUMC have
done some work on supporting the device-- I have yet to see it work.)

Bottom line: when Connectix delivers, CU-SeeMe will deliver soon after.

Cheers, -Dick

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>Subject: QuickCam status?
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>Can we get a status report from the CU-SeeMe developers on
>progress in getting CUSM to work with the QuickCam camera?