Odd results

Jeremy Gilbert (grath@cs.brandeis.edu)
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 02:20:03 -0500

Experienced members (of which I am not):

I have had CU-SEEME up and running for several days now.
Point-To-Point communications work fine, both audio and video are very
good. However, when i use a reflector, (even one of my own at a high
bandwidth), the incoming image is very slow to make it back to me, and I
have a lot of errors. I was trying at around 80 kbits/sec, tolerence 20,
refresh 100, and my send error rate is usually very low.

I am sending via LocalTalk -> routed Ethernet -> world from my
dorm room, so maybe that has something to do with it. Audio is
exceptionally clear, but video is almost unusable. I listened in on the
NASA broadcast and heard everything well, but saw practically nothing.
Any ideas?

(Anyone interested in a point-to-point test, feel free to send me

Thanks in advance,

- Jeremy

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