Re: LocalTalk (was: Odd results)

Jeremy Gilbert (
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 06:10:34 -0500

On Mon, 21 Nov 1994 wrote:

> >I am sending via LocalTalk -> routed Ethernet -> world from my...
> What's the max throughput over that LocalTalk? That may be your
> bottleneck. Tell us a little more about your connection scheme.

Well, when I go point to point I am using the same network, and I
can usually crank it up to around 160 kps before it doesn't help anymore.
Localtalk is around 230 kps maximimum, and I am sharing this network with
a number of Eudoura users.

My machine is a Quadra 840AV run from my dorm room here. I am not
sure of the specifics, but I belive that my present network is connected
to a 12-year-old RF backbone (DEC) at Brandeis via a Shiva box, which in
turn is modulated onto a NearNet fiber-optic line to MIT via a brand new
CISCO router. I haven't tried mac-mac CanUSeeMe beyond my localtalk
network. (I have no one to try it with). In any case, the network seems
well fast enough for voice comunication both ways. It's only audio coming
from others that doesn't seem to work well.

Furthermore, I set up a reflector on a local UNIX site off the
same Fiber Optic line, and I had the same slowness receiving.

How fast (error rate and throughput) do most people get from
those NASA connections? I really couldn't see anything on my computer.

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