Re: SPBOpenDevice Failed

Richard Cogger (
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 20:16:52 -0500

The 840AV and the 660AV, with their DSP chips, have a unique sound manager.
I think it is not fully debugged-- these machines are the only ones to
exhibit the "chipmunk speech" with CU-SeeMe (and Maven) audio, for example.
I believe the software modem for use with the Geoport uses the DSP. My
guess is that it might never get fixed, since the DSP hardware is not
continuing in the Apple product-line. -Dick

At 9:46 AM 11/8/94, Don Rainwater wrote:
>Using System 7.5+PowerTalk on a Mac 840av with Geoport and Express Modem
>software v1.5.4, I get "SPBOpenDevice Failed (err=-227)" when I try to use
>audio. I've tried versions b11 and b12. The error occurs when either the
>push to talk button is pushed, or immediately upon unchecking the push to
>talk checkbox.
>I did a clean system install of all software last night, and checked
>CUSeeMe at each step of the way. The culprit is the Geoport/Express Modem
>software. I don't remember all of the version numbers, but I'm relatively
>sure that a previous version of the Express Modem software didnt' have this
>I've also found that I can work around the problem by turning off the
>Express Modem altogether, or simply by disabling auto-answer of faxes.
>This is only somewhat of an inconvenience, but shouldn't all of these
>things be able to get along with audio at the same time?
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