Re: No Response from ..... (is your PC properly connected?)

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 20:23:59 -0500

At 06:21 11/9/94, Thomas Zulliger wrote:

>I am trying to setup CuSeeMe at home. I have a IBM-PC and a PPP
>connection. When I try to connect to a reflector, It always says after a
>little while "No Response from ip address" (Ip address is the one I tried
>to connect to). I tried all different reflectors, I can't connect to one.
>Does anyone know what the problem is ?

Can you 'ping' (reach out and touch some site) or interact with any remote
machine? I'm thinking of NCSA Mosaic, MCC Netscape, Eudora getting mail
from a POP server, etc.? The bottom line question is "is your machine
properly connected to the net". Then we can worry about the seeming
inablity of CU-SeeMe to get a response.

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