Request for Access to CU-SeeMe Reflector Site

Douglas Ellmore (
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 20:29:53 -0500

I am a grad student at George Mason University ( in
Fairfax, Va and the director of Internet and Multimedia Publishing at the
National Academy of Sciences ( in DC. Katie Pruzan (a
classmate and I are working on our group project for the
class. We want to do a pilot broadcast of our LRNG572 - Taming the
Electronic Frontier class over the Internet. I have been using CUSM now
for a while and see a real application of stretching Dr. Brad Cox's class
from a non-interactive cable TV class (with some lecture room
participation) to a fully interactive distance learning course. You can
find out more about the class at the LRNG 572 home page at URL:

Next Monday, Nov. 14, 1994 from 3:30pm to 7:15pm we would like to broadcast
the class over the net from Virgina. What we need is the ability to use
someone's reflector for this experiment. I was wondering if there are any
volunteers that would give us access and allow some high throughput
transmissions of anywhere from 60kbps to 150kbps. We are planning for at
least two other remote participants.

If you would be willing to help us out that would be great. I may be
contacted via email at or, or by phone at