PC Video Boards for CUsm; Sound on PC

Richard Cogger (R.Cogger@cornell.edu)
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 07:03:12 -0500

Q: What are the top 2 or 3 video boards you hear of people using in their
Windows PCs t successfully run CUSM? Spigot? Blaster? etc.

A: [From Rich Kennerly at Cornell] Here are some notes on boards that work
or don't work with CU-SeeMe for the PC: Unfortunately, the video spigot
is not available anymore this was probably the best choice for CU-SeeMe
especially if you have a large screen.

Cards that I and users have tried and work:

* Creative Labs Video Spigot for Windows
* Creative Labs Video Blaster and Blaster SE

Cards that users have reported as working:

* Screen Machine Classic (you must install the Screen Machine version of
Video for Windows).
* Hauppauge Cinema WIN/TV (but NOT the Hauppauge Celebrity WIN/TV card).

Cards that do not currently work with CU-SeeMe:

* Pro Movie Spectrum
* ComputerEyes/RT
* Hauppauge Celebrity WIN/TV
* Intel Indeo

Q: When will sound work on the PC?

A: It's the top priority for PC work; a reasonable estimate for an alpha
release is "several weeks," for some value of several, as of 11-9-94.