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Michael Wakefield (mwakefie@keene.edu)
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 07:04:45 -0500

Richard, I *have* RTFM'd with my 8100AV, and I would caution you to read
the fine print (Japanese or otherwise :-)). The vdig hardware in the AV
Mac is apparently capable of only digitizing in one direction at a time,
so while it *is* possible to record CUSM in the receive-only mode, I have
not been able to have my own video window open in the transmit mode
without throwing the NTSC scan conversion for a loop. In otherwords, it
will digitize NTSC in *or* out, but not both in and out simultaneously. In
order to get NTSC out of the AV card, you must give up the Audiovision
monitor using the "Monitors" control panel and treat the VCR as though it
were a second monitor. The setup provided in the manual shows this
configuration, looping e-to-e through the VCR and into an NTSC monitor. If
anyone has info to the contrary, I would love to hear that I'm doing
something wrong (and I'll turn in my 18-years-in-video-engineering merit
badge :-)) - it'd be much easier if the AV Mac is really the do-all
bandsaw I hoped it would be.

I have gotten around this apparent problem by using an outboard scan
converter (VideoLogic Mediator) as the second monitor, setting the control
panel for an RGB monitor. This is an expensive solution to your problem,
but it works.


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