WIN/TV videocard for PC

Eric Sandnes (
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 07:07:59 -0500

I'm currently using WIN/TV from Hauppauge Computer Works Inc. N.Y.
The card has an integrated TV-tuner that works with NTCS and PAL in
color. It captures the video. It receives sound, but does NOT "capture"
it; you will need a regular soundcard in addition to do that.

It does work fine with CU-SeeMe (video), but I have a problem when the PC is
equipped with 16 meg RAM or more. According to Microsoft the problem can
be related to old software.

Does anybody out there have the WIN/TV files newer than 12. Oct. '93?
Or know somewhere on the Internet to reach them? (The vendor has a BBS,
but it takes me 45 minuttes of international phonecall to download).

C-U !!!
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