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Richard Kennerly (
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 14:32:51 -0500

The MRU list on the PC was just a quick addition so that people didn't
have to enter a few of their favorite addresses every time they use CU-SeeMe.
Its definitely does not lend itself to reflector surfing. At some point
we will add functionality to use a reflector list.

-Rich Kennerly - <> PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer

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Recently a list of reflectors mailed out on this list. As I understood
the instructions, Windows users had to edit the cuseeme.ini file and type
in the reflector addresses in the [MRU List] being careful to keep the
numbering scheme and not to duplicate addresses. I did this, but when I
try to connect using the program, I still only get the top five addresses
on the list in the cuseeme.ini file. Is there something else I need to
edit? Please answer to this list or e-mail if you know the answer to this

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