AV Mac ins/outs

Michael Wakefield (mwakefie@keene.edu)
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 14:36:38 -0500

Greetings -

Well, I did some more experimenting, and found out that I was partly
right and partly wrong. While it's true that you lose your AV monitor
when you switch to NTSC out, it *is* possible to have your local CUSM
window open at the same time *IF* you don't check the "flicker-free"
format box in the monitor options menu. If you have it checked, you won't
be able to do both, if it's unchecked, you get NTSC, but it *does*
flicker. Better than nothing, though... the video in the CUSM window
doesn't flicker, although evrything else does.

Using the flicker-free setting definitely does tie up the vdig - and if
you're running system 7.5, as I am as of yesterday, you'll get a dialog
box to the effect if you try to make the monitor switch while running



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