Windows CUSeeMe W0.34b4
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 15:58:14 -0500

I'm intrigued by this utility, but I simply cannot succeed in
connecting to any reflectors.

I'm on a 486/66 running Windows 3.1. My Internet connection is
through a local Novell Netware 3.11 (250 user) LAN that is then
hooked to a company WAN and the Internet via a T1 connection. I
have no problems running browsers.

My TCP/IP stack is from Novell ("LAN Workplace for DOS TCPIP
v4.12", copyright 1992 Novell). The CUSEEME software runs (after
I created an ascii file named HOSTS containing my Internet machine
address and a name) but I cannot connect to any reflector
anywhere. Using the hotlist or typing names or typing numerical
addresses, I get the error "No response from <name or address>".

The software created a CUSEEME.INI file in \Windows that I have
since copied to \CUSEEME.

I'm stumped. My best guess is that my TCP/IP stack is
nonconforming somehow or that being on a LAN has some effect on
this type of connection. The MIS people at this site are not
problem-solvers so I cannot get help there.

Any ideas? Thanks again in advance.

Jean Privett
South-Western College Publishing