MediaTime video card on Mac

Michael Murphy (
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 22:02:51 -0500

Hi all. Just got CUsm onto my Mac, and I have two problems getting going.
One is that my video board is a MediaTime (RasterOps), which works fine
with my other apps (Premiere, Photoshop, etc.) which recognize the
RasterOps vdig, but doesn't seem to work with CUsm. Anybody tried MediaTime
before with better luck? Anything I can do?

Problem 2 -- can't seem to connect (even just as a watcher) to any of the
test reflector sites on the net via modem. Although I can use Mosaic,
Eudora, Fetch, etc., I get the "no response from" message with every
reflector I try. Any hints?

-- MM