Cyberia: Virtual Open Evening, Tuesday 15th November
Sun, 13 Nov 1994 20:05:30 -0500

Cyberia, the UK's only current Cyber Cafe will be holding a
"Virtual Open Evening" this Tuesday 15th November, from about
20:30 Greenwich Mean Time.

We plan to use the University of Ulster's reflector
Thanks again to Al Keady ( ) who runs this
reflector site.

I doubt if we will get a suitable Macintosh set up in time, so, for
now we will be sending from a Windows client: therefore no sound.

Last time (28th October) we showed "live" pictures of a rock band playing in
the cafe, and certain of their fans (including some interesting body art !).
People said hello from the UK, Finland, the Netherlands, New York, Alabama
and California. A Japanese TV crew recorded some of the night's events.

This time we will be discussing possible CU-SeeMe link ups with other
organisations , to which anyone who is interested can contribute. You
will get to see Eva, Keith and other Cyberia notables and possibly
yours truely.

Details about Cyberia and some other Cyber Cafes can be found on:

Mark Dz...........