Bob Weber (
Sun, 13 Nov 1994 23:59:28 -0500

I'd like to jump in too... I'm able to tun Mosaic, FTP, etc from PPP but
have been entirely UNable to get CU-SEEME to connect with any site.
Here though might be a problem. When I dial into my provider, my IP
address is dynamically assigned. Since I'm running Chameleon, at this
point I open up my little NEWT icon to find out my IP address. I then
open up the file HOSTS in my windows directory, type in the IP
address and a name. For example the firstt and only line in my hosts
file right now is; BobWeber

I continue to get an error when I try to connect to any site.
I sure would like any insight into this cause I sure would like to see
this thing going!!!!