Advice on setting up new computer please

Jeff Brown (EST)
Tue, 15 Nov 1994 12:30:31 -0500

I plan to get a new Power Mac 7100/66 (AV?) for my home and use an ISDN
line to connect to an Internet access provider. I am somewhat familiar
with cu-seeme and I have read all the FAQs but I still have some questions
y'all may be able to help me with. It looks like setting all this stuff up
may cost around $7K so I want to make sure I don't screw up too bad.

1) Does it make sense to get the AV version of the P-Mac 7100/66 (system
7.5) or should I mess around with Quickitme and SpigotVDIG (or something
like that) on a non-AV P-Mac? It looks like the cost may be about the same
in both cases but I think I would rather go ahead and get the AV version
unless somebody has a good reason to do otherwise.

2) I assume that if I do get the AV version, no other hardware or software
will be required (other than a camera and the cu-seeme software itself).
Is this correct?

3) I plan to get the Connectix QuickCam since I don't have a camcorder.
Does it automatically provide a digital signal? What does that mean to the

4) Supposedly, to get both video and audio on a dial-up connection 32kbits
is required, meaning that even the fastest modems will be too slow.
However, since I will have an ISDN line with two 64K channels (which can be
bonded for 128k) I should have throughput to spare. True fact? Has anyone
done this?

5) I have heard that the VDIG on P-Macs was causing problems with cu-seeme
making the images dark. Does the software have a way to deal with this

Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Brown