Re: Advice on setting up new computer please

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Tue, 15 Nov 1994 15:27:21 -0500

At 09:30 11/15/94, Jeff Brown wrote:

>I plan to get a new Power Mac 7100/66 (AV?) for my home and use an ISDN
>line to connect to an Internet access provider. I am somewhat familiar
>with cu-seeme and I have read all the FAQs but I still have some questions
>y'all may be able to help me with. It looks like setting all this stuff up
>may cost around $7K so I want to make sure I don't screw up too bad.

I have a MacPlus I could be talked into letting go of?

>1) Does it make sense to get the AV version of the P-Mac 7100/66 (system
>7.5) or should I mess around with Quickitme and SpigotVDIG (or something
>like that) on a non-AV P-Mac? It looks like the cost may be about the same
>in both cases but I think I would rather go ahead and get the AV version
>unless somebody has a good reason to do otherwise.

I believe you've tied together two issues that are fundamentally separate.
You can get video regardless of the Mac you buy. The question you should
be asking (IMHO) is "does Apple show an enthusiasm in supporting the AV
stuff they're selling"? From what I've read on comp.sys.mac.* I believe a
non-AV Mac with add-ons is a better choice.

>2) I assume that if I do get the AV version, no other hardware or software
>will be required (other than a camera and the cu-seeme software itself).
>Is this correct?

Even with a non-AV Mac no other software/hardware is required if you use a
Connectix QuickCam. You'll need other hardware for other a/v stuff, like
connecting up a VCR, etc. You haven't mentioned any use for your AV
machine other than CU-SeeMe, so I can't give you a better answer.

>3) I plan to get the Connectix QuickCam since I don't have a camcorder.
>Does it automatically provide a digital signal? What does that mean to the

That you need no hardware to take the canonical NTSC out and convert it to
a digital signal.

>4) Supposedly, to get both video and audio on a dial-up connection 32kbits
>is required, meaning that even the fastest modems will be too slow.
>However, since I will have an ISDN line with two 64K channels (which can be
>bonded for 128k) I should have throughput to spare. True fact? Has anyone
>done this?

Several people have done this. As I recall, one 64K is just about
acceptable, two is passable, and a full T1 just about does it.

>5) I have heard that the VDIG on P-Macs was causing problems with cu-seeme
>making the images dark. Does the software have a way to deal with this

Nobody's bought me a PMac so I have no answer. Gentlebeings?

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