Re: Advice on setting up new computer please

Jon Tower (
Tue, 15 Nov 1994 16:17:05 -0500

Jeff Brown writes:

> 4) Supposedly, to get both video and audio on a dial-up c
> onnection 32kbits is required, meaning that even the fastest modems
> will be too slow.
> However, since I will have an ISDN line with two 64K channels (which
> can be bonded for 128k) I should have throughput to spare. True
> fact? Has anyone done this?
> Jeff Brown

Jeff-- I'm sure others on the list can best address the other questions, but
I'll tackle this one. I run CUSeeMe on my PowerMac 6100AV with dial-up 64K
ISDN, using a QuickAcess ISDN modem, connected to PSI/Interramp. Who is
providing your net service? I'm unaware of any dial-up ISDN service that
offers more than 64K. (Interramp does not support bonded channels.)

I discovered that even at 64K (or 57.6K, since MacPPP cannot be set for
higher than that) I do not get intelligible audio! It's still chopped up --
not much better than when I was using a 28.8 modem. I was very disappointed
to discover this. Regarding the video, there is a difference between 28.8
and 64K ISDN. Depending on time of day, etc, I do get "realistic" video, with
frame rates of several frames/second.

So if you know how to get *affordable* 128K net service into your house, then
you'll get the full benefits from this software. (and please let me know!)
And ISDN is worth getting, in general: For other applications like Mosaic,
Fetch, it's great! But unless there are future developments, CU-SeeMe is not
yet optimized for 64K ISDN.

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