Cameras, video capture, source code?

Steve Loboyko (EST)
Tue, 15 Nov 1994 21:40:00 -0500

I like it! Some comments:

1. I am getting a small black and white (good enough) CCD camera module from
BG Micro (1-800-276-2206) that is 12 volts in, RS-170 out, US$150.00. It
needs a case and power supply (I'll derive the PS from the PC). I will post
my results with this camera - I wouldn't advise getting one until I post.
Again, note that it is not a complete consumer unit; you have to do a little
mechanical and electrical work. But it's really small (like, maybe 4 cubic
inches). A note to foreign readers; sorry, I don't have the non-800 number
in front of me.

2. Would someone tell me what is the cheapest video capture board that I can
get that will work (for a PC)? I hate to get a dumb, non-hardware
compression board, because they are effectively obsolete, but if I have to,
I don't want to spend a lot on it.

3. Related to #2, I wish that I had the source to cu-seeme, because I would
want it to support Intel's board. I'm sure that the compression algorithm in
cuseeme is as good as possible, but it can't be any faster than hardware
compression in the intel board. No doubt, this was not supported in order
that cuseeme would be platform-independent. This doesn't mean that much to
me - I just want to videoconference with my mom and dad over POTS lines!!

4. I would be willing to settle for 1 or two postage-stamp black and white
frames per second and police-radio quality sound over POTS lines, or over
dial-up internet. Any comments?

Steve Loboyko
Software Engineer
cR Solutions, Incorporated