Sound on the Macintosh

Malcolm Vincent (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 03:58:03 -0500

Hi folks.

I've been listening on this list for a while and think it's about time I said
something, in part because nobody has mentioned the problem I'm having with

Here in ICBL QUB ( we are using CUSEEME on Macintosh
Centris 660av machines and on Viglen PCi 4DX266 machines with Videologic
Capivator cards and Soundblaster 16's.

The Windows version works great - but there isn't any sound. Now this isn't
surprising, because the program doesn't support sound.

The Macintosh version however does, and I can't get any. BTW I don't have a
PlainTalk mike, but would like to use the mike on my CamCorder. The sound is
working in other programs such as VideoMonitor (the apple quicktime demo