non-A/V Power Mac 7100 and Video Spigot Driver

Gruwell, Tammie (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 09:42:00 -0500

I have a non-A/V Power Mac 7100 with a video spigot card installed.
Yesterday when I tried to get CU-SeeMe to work it didn't recognize that I
should have the capability to send video. Then I looked in the extensions
folder and saw that there was no "capture driver" for the video spigot card.
I thought all I would have to do is ftp one of the drivers that Cornell has
in the pub/video/spigot directory.

Well, neither of the drivers worked. After restarting the machine the both
VDIG driver icons came up with an "X" in the middle of it indicating that it
was not loaded. Has anyone had a similar problem? What could be
conflicting with the driver that would stop it from loading?

Does this problem have anything to do with what version of Quicktime or
Screenplay I have?

If someone could shed some light on this situation I would certainly
appreciate it.


Tammie Gruwell, Data Administrator
Institute for Simulation and Training
Technology & Information Integration Group