Re: Advice on setting up new computer please

Clyde Wildes (EST)
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 09:53:00 -0500

>Jeff Brown writes:
> 4) Supposedly, to get both video and audio on a dial-up c
> onnection 32kbits is required, meaning that even the fastest modems
> will be too slow.
> However, since I will have an ISDN line with two 64K channels (which
> can be bonded for 128k) I should have throughput to spare. True
> fact? Has anyone done this?
> Jeff Brown


I am using CU-SeeMe on a Quadra 840av with an ISDN connection to my local
Internet provider. I can send and receive video at approximately 3 frames
per second for complex images, and audio with no garbling. I'm using the
default CU-SeeMe 80k bps rate cap.

The ISDN connection is through an Ascend Pipeline 50. This device supports
"bonding" which means that both ISDN channels can be bonded together for a
total of 112k bps throughput.

Although ISDN is sometimes advertised as providing 2 64k bps channels, your
local phone company may limit you to 2 56k bps channels especially for
calls to destinations outside of your local phone company central office.
My experience has been that I'm always limited to 112k bps maximum. My
phone company is Pacific Bell.

The Ascend Pipeline 50 connects to your Mac via ethernet. This provides a
more robust path for 112k bps throughput as opposed to using the serial

I hope that this helps.

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