Re: Advice on setting up new computer please

Richard Cogger (EST)
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 11:27:18 -0500

At 12:30 PM 11/15/94, Jeff Brown wrote:
>I plan to get a new Power Mac 7100/66 (AV?) for my home and use an ISDN
>1) Does it make sense to get the AV version of the P-Mac 7100/66 (system
>3) I plan to get the Connectix QuickCam since I don't have a camcorder.

The AV Mac's have a pretty good digitizer in the sense of producing a
high-quality image. However, the fact that the VRAM is shared between
video-IN, video-OUT, and running a monitor leads to some problems. In
general, you only get to use the AV functions with a small monitor. With a
2-page monitor, you can run in 256 colors and get video-IN but not out, so
this setup will work for CU-SeeMe. The soon-to-be-released version of
CU-SeeMe that provides for sending high rez stills gets a nice 640x480
image from the digitizer. The Spigot produces a noticibly less crisp
image, and the QuickCam will be at a disadvantage here also, since the
largest image it will produce is 320x240 which will have to be interpolated
up and lose rezolution.

I need to play with the ComputerEyes/RT to see if it does it all. When we
get around to supporting some other digitizers, I'm sure the best setup
will be to start with a non-AV mac and add a good digitizer. For now,
using the QuickCam is the best deal by a long ways except for not being
able to get large images.