rt300 video caputure card problems ?? help please

Gerrit Thomson (GERRIT@bedrock.ls.swin.edu.au)
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 12:29:21 -0500

Hi folks,
I just gor an rt300 video caputure card in my intel pc and tried to
use in with cuseeme. it does not work !! I get two prompt when I
start cuseeme saying that :
"hmm there seems to be a problem"
"function not supported"

this occurs twice. The system is really slow with only noise in the
video window. When I try to se the video format i get the message:

"there is no encodeing/compression algorithm configured for your

Can some one, anyone shed some light on this. I susspect that cuseeme
does very raw capturing from the video for windows system using
function calls not supported by the rt300 driver.

Thanks in advance,
Gerrit THomson

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