see COMDEX thru Apple Quicktake camera

Matthew Sanderson (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 13:15:46 -0500


Here's the LYNX (no gui here) view of a Web site that promises a COMDEX
tour via stills taken with an Apple QuickTake 100 camera. I'll bet a
Cu-SeeMe setup would be even better. Apologies if off-topic.

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A Virtual Visit to Comdex 1994

Production of "A Day at Comdex" was made using a QuickTake 100 that
was graciously provided courtesy of Apple Computer, Inc. Also used was
an HP Omnibook 425 which stored the images taken by the QuickTake.
Images were later edited on a separate PC using Aldus (now Adobe)
Photostyler after they were transferred using Traveling Software's If
you have any comments about this project, its contents or simply have
some questions about the Apple QuickTake 100 feel free to send me
e-mail at I'll try to return your mail in a timely

Linkname: A Day At Comdex

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Disclaimer: I have no connection to COMDEX, Apple or anyone else listed.

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