Tell your story...

Richard Cogger (EST)
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 19:49:47 -0500


Six months have gone by since we asked all of you to tell us about your use
of CU-SeeMe. We received wonderful responses from many of you, indicating
innovative uses of CU-SeeMe at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the
University of Chicago and Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica,
the NASA Lewis Research Center, Simon Fraser University, the Norwegian
School of Management, and many others. (We will post a compendium of items
received soon.)

Once again: we would like to hear your stories. How do you, or your
organization, use CU-SeeMe (or plan to in the near future)?

Also, of course, give us any input on what changes or improvements would
make possible that interesting project you've been wanting to do.

Last time, we offered CU-SeeMe T-Shirts for the (arbitrarily judged by us)
most interesting several entries, and I must confess that we forgot to
award them. But we will soon to those mentioned above. The same offer
(with a quicker response this time) applies to this call. We will have to
get a new batch printed since we're currently out of stock. So: write a
couple paragraphs and (maybe) win a CU-SeeMe T-Shirt!

Please send your responses to:
Louise Holmes, CU-SeeMe Project, LMH2@CORNELL.EDU
or to me, Dick Cogger,

Please indicate if, for any reason, you don't wish to have your story
shared with this list and others.

Many thanks, -Dick