QuickCam Support

Richard Cogger (EST)
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 19:49:49 -0500

Shortly (perhaps already) we will send Connectix a version of
CU-SeeMe0.70 that works with the QuickCam, as they have volunteered to help
test. Unless problems show up, we would expect to post 0.70b13 with
QuickCam support to our anonymous ftp server cu-seeme.cornell.edu
/pub/video within a couple days, more or less.

It seems to work well, giving up to about 12 fps on a powermac.
One nice thing is that it apparantly *doesn't* have an "automatic iris"
turning the gain up and down for the whole picture as foreground objects
(e.g. your face) move around and reflect more or less light into the
camera. The problem, for desktop conferencing, with cameras that do this
is that when the whole frame gets a little lighter or darker, it all has to
be sent. Of course, the downside (but not much, imho) is that if a cloud
passes and darkens your window, you may need to readjust brightness.

Cheers, -Dick